Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here we come Ghost's!

We got the tickets for the Ghost Hunt at the Reformatory! I'm coming home Ghost's! The Medusa here use to work at the Mansfield Reformatory for a summer as a tour guide. It is fun to learn that I will be going as a ghost investigator and not working in the gift shop all night. Yeah! Watch out Johnny in solitary. The PERVS are on the case!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My weekend with Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters

First off, Thank you Jason and Grant from TAPS for being such nice guys and putting up with my nephew this past weekend at Lily Dale in New York. With that done, this is my weekend of TAPS goodness!

My small little group of family members were very excited to meet and see Jason and Grant from the TV show Ghost Hunters. The most awesome part is the fact they just walked around town and talked to everyone they met. It began on Friday night with a out of the blue meeting. The guys happened to stop by the hotel at the small spiritual community at about 11:30pm. They arrived so late because they had been taping the show the previous night. The reason I know this... I got to talk to them. After introducing myself and my nephew, I got to ask a few questions. I got to ask Grant the following questions:
Have you ever had "something" come home with you? "No I don't believe so. I don't wear symbols or charms or anything. I just don't think I have had something come with me."
What piece of equipment do you get the most evidence on? "Definitely EVP's.
Have you ever used or thinking about using an all light spectrum camera? "No, but we are working on a camera that can see electrical fields which will be a great asset."
After the brief Q&A I got to snap this pic of Grant.

The next day was their presentation. As they stated from the beginning they are not professional speakers, but they did just fine. They started off with a small disclaimer and stated that they don't hate Psychics, don't charge money for an investigation, and they don't hate psychics. They explained the difference between different hauntings, residual, intelligent, and non-human. So with that said they talked about different cases they have been on and the findings the group have found. Very interesting. As they mentioned, about 80% of the cases they are called on can be explained with simple answers. It is the last 20% you have to scratch your head on. Much of the footage can't be shown because it is private for the home owner. Understandable. Not everyone is understanding and open minded but they wish they could show it.

Some frequently asked questions:
"Where is the scariest place you have every been? Not a place but some of the home owners." They have run across some that have memory problems, mental problems, or were taking illegal taking drugs.
"What is your personal experiences? Don't talk about them. We keep them personal."
"Do you really work for Roto-Rooter? Yes we do! We also can help you with a plumbing question."

They also played some EVP's for the crowd. The biggest thing to remember is not all messages will be pleasant. So be prepared for it.

They also played some clips from the show of different places. The first was Eastern State Penitentiary. We all know the famous pic of the figure that chased Brian and made him run away like a girl. However, interesting information came to them after everything was said and done. At Eastern during it's true solitary days they would put black sheets over the heads of the people being brought out to shower. The only thing you could see of them was the bottom half of their legs. If you get a chance to see the footage again that is exactly what you see. Which leads to a questions,"why is a ghost always seen wearing clothing?" Answer, " Don't know but we have never seen one naked."

After the many clips it was blooper time. All I can say is Steve really is afraid of a lot of things. That and it is funny to see Grant get hit with a gate door. LOL

After the presentation they had a Q&A with the crowd. They walked among us and answered a lot of questions. Yes they really did have a lot of problems with Brian, they really do answer plumbing questions, They own all their own equipment, they will come out to your haunted location but you have to email them first, and they would give it all up in a heart beat if the family wanted them to. They have always been picked up for another season. YEAH! Also Grant makes fun of Jason's bald head. LOL
After the Q&A they had a meet and greet. Unfortunately because there was so many people they couldn't pose for pictures with people. However, I did get a pamphlet signed and my nephew got their book signed. So I was able to snap this pic when that was happening. Over all a great weekend with great people. Not to mention, Jason and Grant are not as tall as I thought they were. That makes me wonder just how short Andy is on GHI. LOL