Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some possible pictures of evidence from the Ghost Walk

The PERVS might have picked up some interesting pictures from our ghost walk on Saturday, June 7, 2008. These might be possible pictures of evidence but we shall leave that up to the viewer. Please take a look and let us know what you might think.

On one part of the tour we stopped at an area near a train line. The story of the area is a man had killed himself by shooting himself in the heart after being rebuked by a woman he was in love with. Here are few pictures taken in that area.
In the first picture you see a red mist rising off the grass. Perhaps something...not sure. We do know that a different man in the group also had the red mist in one of his pictures too.

This picture was taken immediately after the rising mist not even one second later. As you can see here the red mist seems to be hovering over the ground. This picture below is of the train tracks near where the man had killed himself. This seemed a bit odd. Just like the previous pictures, a picture was taken right after and showed nothing.

The picture that really intrigued us after it was taken was the one below. This was taken in a pioneer cemetery. There are founding city members and children buried here. There are also many unmarked graves and possibly unknown graves here. At first we thought we had captured something. We're still not sure. We do know that the camera shutter was open for 2 seconds. A lot of things can happen in that time. However, you can see that the woman on the right side is in focus but the boy on the left is not. We think perhaps he was moving and the camera might have taken multi pictures. This was taken with a digital camera. As for the middle the streak in the middle might be a line of energy or could be a light source. The boy on the left did have a candle in a lantern on the ground but was not moved. The other small light you see in the background might be a different source of energy. The light appears to be coming from the cemetery. You can also see what looks like two outlines of light gray behind the light streak. If you look you will see what appears to be two silhouette. Evidence? Not sure but it is intriguing.

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