Friday, October 17, 2008

Episode 2 of the Ohio P.E.R.V.S Pervcast!

Behold in all of its glory, episode 2 of The Ohio P.E.R.V.S Pervcast! In this episode, the gang and I talk about what we've learned so far with both technique and tech to make a successful paranormal investigation. Please, let us know what you think of our Pervcast!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wait for it

Ghost Hunters 2008 Halloween Special

Hosted by Josh Gates
Friday October 31 At 7/6C

Brace yourself this Halloween when TAPS takes you on the ultimate ghost hunt. The team returns to the Fort Delaware scene of this season's most jolting and revealing episode.

Commonly referred to as the "Black Hole," Fort Delaware was used during the Civil War as a POW camp that housed over 33,000 Confederate soldiers. Ravaged by epidemics and torture nearly 2,400 failed to escape and died on the island. The restless spirits have never left.

Join the exclusive seven-hour hunt from home with access to thermal imaging camera feeds and live Q&A with TAPS team members and host Josh Gates. Watch carefully for anything out of the ordinary — you'll be able to send instant alerts of any sightings you make straight to the Ghost Hunters!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Podcasting Baby

Well our first podcast is in the tank and I, for one, had a pretty good time putting with the wehole process. Mad props to ANDREW, our IT_Messiah for getting it up and running.

Our first podcast!

What happens when you take a few ghost hunting fools, get them into a room together and record their conversations? You get yourself a PERVcast. Take a listen to our first of hopefully many podcasts...I mean PERVcasts!

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Now, I know that the audio quality needs to be a little better, so I beg your forgiveness on that, we will improve the quality for the future.

Links talked about in this episode are:
Jen's clothing site
Haunted History.Net
Also, original bumper music provided by my son, Alex.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

possible travel sites

I do realize that a few of these will have to wait until kids are in college and at least 2 of us have won the lottery but the last one on the list is near Gettysburg.