Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Upcoming Ghost Hunts

Rogues Hollow Ohio

Saturday June 28th 2008
8:30pm - 12:30 am
age 18 and up $50 pp - Reservations needed- 12 limited spots
a portion of the proceeds benefits the
Chippewa- Rogues Hollow Historical Society

More Info HERE

Lake Eerie Walking Ghost Tours

WHEN: Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday throughout the month of October
PLEASE NOTE: October 19th, the 7pm tour is currently sold out. Space is available for the 10pm tour.

FULL MOON GHOST TOUR DATES: July 29th 2007, August 28th 2007 and September 26th 2007

(Time, location and participation fees remain the same as below)

TIME: Fridays and Saturdays at both 7pm and 10pm - Sundays at 7pm only

LOCATION: The Lighthouse, corner of Hight St. & Second St.

"AT THE DOOR": Adults - $25.00 Children 4-10 years - $12.00
ADVANCE REGISTRATION: Adults - $20.00 Children 4-10 years - $10.00

More Info HERE

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A second source confirms the first EVP!

Since I had a lot of free time today, I set out to try and examine the video that I had shot at Zoar on April 26. I came across the section of video tape that was shot as the same time as Eric was asking the question, "Are you a little boy" and we captured the EVP on Eric's recorder. The first grunt you hear is me at 2-3 seconds in. But pay close attention at 9 seconds in. I've amplified the sound to make it more clear. Again, this was taken with a video camera, but for some reason when I tried to post the video, the sound was lowered in the output and you really couldn't pick it up. Saving it out as a .wav fixed that!
Click to hear the EVP from a second source
To see the video which this was taken from, check it out here on YouTube

As this is my first time seriously hunting, I didn't have the camera pointed at Eric, but off to the side looking down along the wall. Rookie move, I know. This is in the first smaller basement of the Number 1 house as the larger basement was still closed off due to flooding. This is also a very small space so if there was anyone else physically around us at the time, we would have seen them. Judge for yourself. More to come as time permits! And as soon as I can get to Radio Shack to get another cable so that we can redo the EVP's to make them more clear, workable and easier to understand!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The first of the Zoar EVP's

I know, I'm running behind on getting my chores done. Just last night I started converted the video to digital format to start analyzing and I will place a report on here once that is complete. But I wanted to wet your appetite in the meantime. During the April 26th, and sadly the last, event at Zoar, Eric was asking specific questions with his digital recorder running. The following is just one of the EVP's we landed that night. I apologize, the quality isn't real great, but I think you can hear all that you need to. Eric asks, "Are you a child?"
For the response, click here
Please share you thoughts in the comment section for this post!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Paranormal State

If you've never watched this show on A&E, it follows the adventures of the Paranormal Research Society of Penn State University (or PRS). Founded by Penn State Alum Ryan Buell, himself having experienced paranormal phenomena as a young child, it's an interesting show. A bit melodramatic for my tastes, and I'm not totally in agreement of all it's "Oh, it must be a demon!" hypotheses, but definitely worth a view. Some really creepy things are captured, and the team does a great job of researching backgrounds. Anybody looking to start investigating the paranormal should take a peek at these guys.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Haunted Zoar

As Andrew is putting together the finishing touches on our EVP's, I thought I would post a pic of the "hot spot" of the night. This is the Number One House in Zoar where we got some good EVP's on the stairwell and the root cellar.

***UPDATE: Click here to read our report from Zoar plus we have some EVP's from the hunt too!***

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hello everyone who might have stumbled into our little group. My name is Jennifer aka The Medusa. (long story that involves card playing.) I have been interested in what might be on the other side for sometime now and being able to put stories to the test has been interesting. I am very much looking forward to hearing the posts of EVP's we captured in Zoar, Ohio. Most of all I am interested in hearing from you out there. What do you hear? Do you believe? Does the EVP's change your mind about life after earthly death?

I am also looking forward to hearing about some of your stories out there. Have you had an experience? Where? Have you tried to rule out normal explanations for those experiences?

Always remember, "What would Jason and Grant do?" LOL

So please share here and tell us what you think.

Jennifer aka The Medusa

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome to our new blog!

Hi gang!
Allow us to welcome you to the blog of The Ohio Paranormal Evaluation, Research and Validation Society. Otherwise know as The Ohio P.E.R.V.S. I know it sounds goofy, but we wanted something that would be easy to remember and somewhat fun. If you can't have fun with things why bother, right?
The group consists of several old friends that have always had an interest in things out of the ordinary. We are all highly trained, educated and skilled individuals that aren't afraid to say that there are things out there in the world that we just don't understand. And while we look for that understanding, we also know that there are many things that something could be rather then what someone else may think it is. One persons orb is another persons dust ball.
So join us on our journey here at this site. We recently were able to be a part of a ghost hunt in the historic village of Zoar, Ohio. We were able to get some EVP evidence and are still in the process of going though the video. Once the evidence is completely analyzed we will post our findings here.
Join us on our journey, won't you?