Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hello everyone who might have stumbled into our little group. My name is Jennifer aka The Medusa. (long story that involves card playing.) I have been interested in what might be on the other side for sometime now and being able to put stories to the test has been interesting. I am very much looking forward to hearing the posts of EVP's we captured in Zoar, Ohio. Most of all I am interested in hearing from you out there. What do you hear? Do you believe? Does the EVP's change your mind about life after earthly death?

I am also looking forward to hearing about some of your stories out there. Have you had an experience? Where? Have you tried to rule out normal explanations for those experiences?

Always remember, "What would Jason and Grant do?" LOL

So please share here and tell us what you think.

Jennifer aka The Medusa

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