Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A second source confirms the first EVP!

Since I had a lot of free time today, I set out to try and examine the video that I had shot at Zoar on April 26. I came across the section of video tape that was shot as the same time as Eric was asking the question, "Are you a little boy" and we captured the EVP on Eric's recorder. The first grunt you hear is me at 2-3 seconds in. But pay close attention at 9 seconds in. I've amplified the sound to make it more clear. Again, this was taken with a video camera, but for some reason when I tried to post the video, the sound was lowered in the output and you really couldn't pick it up. Saving it out as a .wav fixed that!
Click to hear the EVP from a second source
To see the video which this was taken from, check it out here on YouTube

As this is my first time seriously hunting, I didn't have the camera pointed at Eric, but off to the side looking down along the wall. Rookie move, I know. This is in the first smaller basement of the Number 1 house as the larger basement was still closed off due to flooding. This is also a very small space so if there was anyone else physically around us at the time, we would have seen them. Judge for yourself. More to come as time permits! And as soon as I can get to Radio Shack to get another cable so that we can redo the EVP's to make them more clear, workable and easier to understand!

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