Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our first podcast!

What happens when you take a few ghost hunting fools, get them into a room together and record their conversations? You get yourself a PERVcast. Take a listen to our first of hopefully many podcasts...I mean PERVcasts!

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Now, I know that the audio quality needs to be a little better, so I beg your forgiveness on that, we will improve the quality for the future.

Links talked about in this episode are:
Jen's clothing site
Haunted History.Net
Also, original bumper music provided by my son, Alex.


belgort said...

Well done!!!

Andy Donaldson said...

Thanks, Bruce!

Unknown said...

Hey cool cast :-)
And if you are looking for a busman's holiday I know loads of haunted places in Ireland. In fact we have a paranormal toilet roll holder!

Shannon said...

Do you think you can get it one click subscribe for Zune? Other than that - Well done!!

Unknown said...

Great bumper music!! This was fun to listen to while working but I must say I am not use to Eric being that quiet!
On the topic of "Ghost Adventures". Yes that was an interesting documentary but that main guy was pretty annoying! First his incessant "wait, wait, wait, wait,.." and then the unforgivable, leaving his buddy in the basement with no light source, all alone after the brick incident. I'll be interested to see if the dude grows a pair for the series.

MegatonMaynard said...

Whenever you and Mandi get down to Zoar, we'll have to do another podcast. I think our misadventures at the reformatory are worthy of all six of us making a mess of things.

Denise (aka Trixie) said...

Of course, we need commentary from our Cleveland branch of PERVS!

MegatonMaynard said...

Cleveland PERVS!

Andy Donaldson said...

@Steve - You know, I would LOVE to come over to the Motherland at some point and get down and dirty into some ghost hunting. Perhaps it's some of my old relatives I could run into.

@Craig - I cannot wait until we get a big group together to record one! I have a feeling we will have a lot to talk about once Mansfield is done. Actually, I think we can use something like Skype to web conference us together and could record one that way too! The Lotus podcasts that I listen to use that all the time to interview people around the country and overseas as well. Boy, I have some planning to do!

Mandi said...

Hey, sorry I'm late to the party... I haven't heard episode one and this is playing episode 2 (as well as the post for 10/17)... Can you send me ep1?