Friday, June 6, 2008

Prelude to the Ghost Walk in Canal Fulton

Spirits Rule At Warehouse On Canal
Canal Fulton is a quaint town with a ghostly past.
SLIDESHOW: Tour Warehouse
On the northern edge of downtown is an old warehouse on the canal. The three-story brick building dates back to 1906. It used to be a mortuary and funeral home. warehouse Now the building is home to an antique store, Let's Mango Tea Garden restaurant and a host of spirits.


The most prominent ghost is Lester. He once ran the mortuary and still likes to hang out there. One day, the owner, Margarita Roberts, was working in the office in the basement when she felt someone breathing on the back of her neck. There was no one there. She immediately ran upstairs. Some time later, a woman who did not know of her experience approached Margarita in the restaurant telling her that the man was sorry and didn’t mean to frighten her. He was only looking over her shoulder to see what she was doing. Margarita said she was totally surprised, because she hadn’t told that story to anyone but her husband, Ken. She also said one day she was joking with a customer about Lester when she felt a slap on her face. At that point, she made a deal with Lester that she wouldn’t joke about him if he never touched her again. Now they have almost become buddies. Margarita said that he travels with her in her car. He likes to flicker the lights inside.


Ghost investigators have felt the presence of other spirits in the building. There is said to be a little black girl in the corner near the basement garage door. Sunshine tends to huddle in the corner trying to look small. She is very afraid and dates back to the Underground Railroad. Sunshine has a Virginia accent and appears to be waiting for her parents. It’s believed her mommy and daddy dropped her off their and never returned. She rocks back and forth while holding a rock in her hand, waiting to go home.

Elevator Spirit

Ken also told that there is a presence near the elevator in the basement. Many people have said that they felt as if they were being pulled into the elevator. The spirit has not yet been identified. That’s where you’ll find our live Web camera. Keep an eye on the camera and tell us if you see the spirit or maybe even Lester passing by. There are also reports of spiritual energy across from the elevator. This was the room where bodies were stored for the mortuary.

Third Floor Ghosts

Near the elevator shaft on the third floor is a narrow staircase. There appears to be repetitive loop or scene that has been impressed on this location. There was a fight at the top of the stairs between two men. A knife was involved and one man was killed. During the fight, a young girl fell down the stairs. A man tried to grab her ankle but was unable to stop the fall. A boy visiting the warehouse recently got upset when he was near the staircase. The presence of the girl falling really bothered him, Ken said. It is also believed that a worker who trying to help the girl jumped out of the window on the third floor. His spirit is still felt near the fifth window. In the northeast corner of the floor there supposedly is a woman looking out. It’s believed that she is waiting and looking out the window for someone to arrive. She tends to make people cry. Visitors who walk near the area are often overcome with emotion.

In The Restaurant

The basement and third-floor areas are only accessible by invitation or during a Ghost Tour and Dinner. But the restaurant is open during the daytime. At the entrance to the area is an upright piano. It is said to have a ghost hanging around it. One paranormal investigator identified a ghost dog in the restaurant. She stood petting him and later saw him perched on one of the table chairs. Whether you see or feel a ghost at the Warehouse on the Canal or not, there are no explanations for the noises and effects the owners and visitors have identified in this historic building.


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