Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Next stop for the P.E.R.V.S.


In June, members of the Ohio P.E.R.V.S. are going to make the long drive over to Gettysburg for a ghost hunt/vacation. We plan on doing the walks around town at night as well as our favorite activity, the Farnsworth House cellar stories.

Actually, it's because of experiences Denise and I had at the Farnsworth House is why we got interested in the paranormal. So stay tuned! There will be updates from myself, Denise, Eric, Jen and members of the Michigan branch, David and Lee!


Paranormal said...

I've been to Gettysburg before. It seems to be a perfect setting for ghost hunting as it just has that environment that something is there. But then that begs the question- is there really anything there? It's always fun to investigate.

Andy Donaldson said...

Hi Paranormal and thanks for stopping by the site!
Based on experiences that both my wife and I have had while in Gettysburg, I would have to say that yes, there is something going on there. Just this past trip, there was a few times where some of the group had some things happen to them. Of course, your mileage may vary compared to others.
Example, we were on the east side of Cemetery Hill on a ghost walk. My wife and 2 others in our group were seeing shadows run past in front of us several times. I didn't see anything but was SERIOUSLY creeped out down in the area of trees by the park owned land. I personally think that you experience as much as you wish to. If you open yourself up to it, then you will experience more. If you close yourself off, then you just want get anything out of it. But that's my opinion only and not that of the groups. But I do think that there is a lot going on there.