Monday, May 19, 2008

The first of the Zoar EVP's

I know, I'm running behind on getting my chores done. Just last night I started converted the video to digital format to start analyzing and I will place a report on here once that is complete. But I wanted to wet your appetite in the meantime. During the April 26th, and sadly the last, event at Zoar, Eric was asking specific questions with his digital recorder running. The following is just one of the EVP's we landed that night. I apologize, the quality isn't real great, but I think you can hear all that you need to. Eric asks, "Are you a child?"
For the response, click here
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Denise (aka Trixie) said...

You know, at the end, you hear the "Yes" quite plainly, but it kind of sounds like it goes on to say something else also. We'll have to check that again.

AF Tax and Bookkeeping said...

I had to turn my speakers up alot but I could clearly hear a "Yes". That is awesome!! I really wish we could have stayed and went with you :(